Model Composite

This was our 5th client assignment in our commercial class. We had to turn in 10 images of one model to be used as a portfolio for the model to take to clients and agencies. The lovely Selina modeled for me again, and did a wonderful job! She was very patient with the shoots, despite several equipment malfunctions, so I owe her big time for helping me out!! I am very satisfied with all the shots I got of her, however, I must say that in one of the images, everyone needs to know that I am a Carolina fan, so don't hold that photo against me! We shot on location, at the YMCA, a park in Asheboro, and the RCC studio.

Here are some of my lighting setups....


Brent's Corvette

I shot my friend Brent's car in Greenville a couple weekends ago. He races it, and takes very good care of it. It's his baby, so naturally, I wanted some good images of it for him to have. It was my first car shoot, and I had many issues with lighting. I could not get the power to work right, so my plan to use 3 alien bees failed. I had to deal with it, and lit what I could. I hope to shoot his car again soon and am counting on the equipment not to die on me. Here are a few of the shots I managed to get.

This is the image I used for one of my self promos. I like the angle I got on it.

Brent has had this license plate since I have known him. I like this shot because it not only shows off the Corvette name on the back, it makes me think of good times freshman year at ECU.

This is Brent, proud owner and driver of this awesome 1998 Corvette. I had to take a picture of him in front of it so he could show it off. By the time I took this, all my lighting was failing me, and I tried using my Vivitar flash. It also gave me problems, and sometimes didn't go off. The light is a little harsh, but it works.

Brent has had this license plate since I have known him. I like this shot because it not only shows off the Corvette name on the back, it makes me think of good times freshman year at ECU.


Rice Krispy Treat

This was another group assignment we had to do for James' class. We were given an ad for rice krispy treats and told to recreate it exactly how it was in the add. I was happy to get this one because that meant I got to make rice krispy treats! So what you see is a product of my cooking abilities hahaha....that doesn't say much, the recipe was wrong and I ended up having WAY too many marshmallows! They still turned out very good though. My group was Laura, Carolyn, and I. We shot it on the Mamiya 645 camera with a digital Leaf Aptus back.

Our setup


Prison Disturbance....

I shot this for a self promo shot. I wanted to create a prison scene where a guard was attacked, dropping his keys and flashlight. I struggled to get the actual flashlight to show up. I do like the cold feeling the image has. I shot it with the Leaf Aptus 17 digital back on a Mamiya 645. My ISO was 400. The exposure was f/11 @1/125. I used an 80mm lens.


The Photo Kids

Our summer semester at RCC was crazy. Small Format was a memorable class and a tshirt seemed to be appropriate to have as something to remember one of our last classes as 1st years together. I designed the shirt with help of quotes Dusty and other people thought of, and arranged everyone ordering one. We got a picture made together and I wanted to show it off. Angie and I photoshopped shirts onto people who did not have a shirt.


I shot these images of Selina for our Client #2 assignment, which was a head and shoulders shot showing character. I shot it with a Mamiya 645 with Kodak Ektachrome 100g film. My exposure was f/8 @ 1/60 at an ISO of 100. Selina is a second grade teacher in Asheboro.


Hand Bag Group Assignment

These were accomplished as a group consisting of myself, Jonathan Andrews, Jessica Benton, and Kathryn Lawson. It was an assignment for James' Lighting Workshop class. We were given around three hours to come up with ideas and go out and shoot them. I am pretty satisfied with what our group was able to get.

I wanted to try a weird angle, so I did and I like how it came out. We shot it with a Canon 30D with a 17mm lens. The exposure was 1/640 @ f/6.3 at an ISO of 100.

This was our low key scene. With a Canon 30D, we shot this at 1/200 @ f/16 with an ISO of 100. A 45mm lens was used.

This was our high key scene. Using a 39mm lens on a Canon 30D, the ISO was set at 100 and the exposure was 1/200 at f/4.

This was creative setup number 2. Shot with a Canon 30D 24mm lens, the ISO was 100. The exposure was 1/200 at f/9.

Taste the Rainbow

This was shot for one of my self promo shots we have to do for our commercial class. I love candy, so I wanted to show my personality with this shot of skittles. I shot this with my Canon 30D using a 40mm lens. My exposure was 1/60 at f/4.

My Setup