Chelsea and Brian

One of my best friends and sorority sisters, Chelsea, got married to a sailor and I was fortunate enough to shoot her engagement portraits. I was one of her bridesmaids and got to be part of a beautiful wedding. We did the engagement shoot in Charleston, South Carolina in July of 2010. It is always fun to shoot in a cool place!



One of my assignments this week for The Appalachian was to go and shoot the Afroman concert. This was my first time shooting a concert, and I was very nervous, especially when they pulled me up on stage and let me stand there and take some photos. Afroman used to be well known, but I was surprised his concert was sold out. It was at the Dragonfly Theater & Pub in Boone, NC. By the way, he liked to carry around a Colt 45, and was doing illegal things up on stage, haha.


The Farm at Mollies Branch

I got to go take pictures for Megan Northcote's story this weekend for The Appalachian. It was so much fun and probably one of the funnest things I have gotten to photograph. It was in Todd, NC and the llamas love to give you kisses on the cheek! Also, Petunia the pig was a popular face.


Holiday Portraits

I took pictures of a brother and sister, Seth and Selina, this week. They were giving them to their parents for Christmas. It was fun to do, but stressful getting prints done right before Christmas Eve! In the end, they came out nicely. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!