Slideshow of My 1st Year as a Photokid

This is a slide show of my favorite images I had from my first year of school. We made this slide show for our Digital Imaging class this summer. It contains a mixture of Digital images, 35mm film scans, 6x7 film scans, and 4x5 film scans.


Client #1 Breakfast

My first Client Assignment for Commercial! The theme is breakfast, so I chose pancakes! I shot it with my Canon 30D, with the 17-40mm lens. I used an alien bee to light it. My ISO was set at 100, and I made my exposure at 1/125 @f/19.


Best of First Year

These are some of my favorites from my first year at RCC. There will be more to come!

This was one of my weeklies for small format this summer. It was taken in downtown Greensboro on the 4th of July for the Fun Fourth Celebration. I shot it with my Canon 30D with my 70-200 telephoto lens. My ISO was 250 and my exposure was f/5.6 at 1/1000s.

I shot the inside of my church this summer for our Large Format 2 Class. I used a Sinar F-1 camera, with 100 TMAX film. This was the interior portion of the assignment.

I got this corn at a little produce stand on the way home from the beach one weekend. I shot this with my Mamiya RB67 camera with Kodak 160 VC film. It was for a joint assignment of Sat/Desat, this was the Desat.

I shot this in Copenhagen, Denmark last October when I went to visit a friend who was going to school in Sweden. I took the train from Sweden to Denmark alone just to take pictures. I was allowed to get on a floating bridge to get this shot. It was taken during my first semester at RCC and used for my Design 1 portfolio. I shot it using my Mamiya RB67 with TMAX 400 film.

This was shot for the Industrial assignment we had in Small Format this summer. I shot it at Foothills Brewery in Winston Salem, NC. We used a total of three alien bees, all gelled with a different color. I think the gels gave it a cool effect. I shot it with my Canon 30D, with the 17-40 mm f/4 lens. My ISO was set at 250, and my exposure was 1/250 @ f/6.7.