Will Sanders Test Shoot

The photos above are those of Will Sanders. I got to go help out one weekend for Will, who was doing a test shoot for himself. The model is wearing clothing by Ashish, who is good friends with Nadine and Will. Nadine rented the giant gnome, named Gordon for the shoot. Of course Will had all his camera's that day, both film and digital. I think he took like 15 rolls of film! We had to keep going inside that day because there were several random showers, then small windows of sunlight. I had a lot of fun looking at Gordon. We became quick friends. Too bad I will never see him again....

Here are some of the shots I took from the shoot:


Back in London for My Second Internship

Ok everyone, I am finally posting onto my blog since being back in London. Sorry it is taking me so long to post, I have been busy! These are pictures from a shoot we did for T-Mobile. The whole idea behind it is that the models are people living in the United Kingdom that are not from it. The picture with the blonde girl is supposed to look like an American or Australian couple living in a British city. The brunette couple is supposed to be European (Spain, France, etc.). Basically, this ad demonstrates the downside of living in the UK--The terrible weather! There are tons of rural parks in cities here, so the point is that it is someone who got stuck in a rainstorm one day, who is on the phone with someone from back home. The person back home is telling them how wonderful and sunny the weather is. Also, you will notice that there is a bit of pink in each image, because T-Mobile's color is pink. It is advertising a calling plan T-Mobile has developed for international calling. Basically, It is my perfect calling plan, because I am in the same situation, an American living in London. And yes, it really does rain here ALL THE TIME! haha

The first three images are done by Ashley Cameron. There is also a dramatic version of one of the shots that Ashley is going to use in his portfolio. Also, notice me in the background of all the shots pretending to be someone walking in the background with an umbrella!

The pictures from the shoot are by me. I got very lucky, because the shoot ended up being literally two buildings down from the flat I am living in here. So, I was on time for once!