Vauxhall Astra

Yay! I got to be there when Ashley had a car shoot!! It was very informative for me, a very crazy day. We did the shoot in a place called Leighton Buzzard at Calvert Studios. It was Ashley's first time using his new Canon Mark III! After getting lost in the pouring rain, standing on a street corner waiting for the other assistant to pick me up, getting invited in by the lady whose house I was standing in front of, and meeting her, finding out she went to William and Mary for college, and talking to her bout her old days of being a glamour model, I made it to the shoot. Now I can't wait to do a car shoot of my own with the other Commercial Kids. The studio was huge, and it was a fun day. The funny thing is we were supposed to be shooting a 4 door, and it was a 2-door. The shoot was for new parking sensors the car has.



This was another shoot I was at that Ashley did. It was for a drug called Thalidomide, which now greatly extends the life of people age 70+ who have been diagnosed with blood cancer. Several years ago, the drug Thalidomide was used by women who were pregnant as a prenatal vitamin type thing, and in one batch of it, it caused all the children born to have stunted growth and stumpy arms. It had received a bad rep, but now it is back in action for a different ailment. Just remember, if you are on the drug, you are not supposed to operate machinery, so Ashley has run into a bit of a problem with having the client agree on a shot to use. It was fun to help with the shoots, because they involved going to a farm in Swindon to shoot a yellow Tiger Moth Airplane, then 2 days later we were in the studio shooting the models on a Harley Davidson, and also in a classic MG red convertible sports car. We were supposed to be shooting an additional day on James Bond's yacht, but it got cancelled.

oh, the joys of assisting...

I rigged this light contraption up!

Nadine and I went for a pretend ride on the Harley!

So many people go into every shoot we do, it is great to be seeing the whole process of a commercial photographer.


Will Sanders Photography!

I helped Nadine assist a shoot one Sunday for her husband, Will Sanders. It was shot at South Bank in London, and I had a lot of fun at this shoot! Will shoots all film, and has several cameras he takes to shoots with him, and gets shots from each of them. He was shooting both medium format and small format. It was cool to go back to the good ole days of film. I decided that when I get back to RCC, I am going to shoot more film, and process and print back in the part of school I have not been in since the summer. Will's website is great for anyone who likes these shots. I took tons of snapshots here. All the ones above the text are Will's, all the shots under this text are mine.