Joint Project Fun Times

These are some fun shots I took in the process of shooting my joint project. We had fun playing around with long exposures. Thank you David and Jonathan for swinging by to lend Will and I a hand! I shot this with my Canon 30D and used the school's 24-105 mm lens. The first shot is a 30 second exposure, the second is around 2 seconds.

Mountain Man

I shot this for James' second assignment where we had to use a mixture of natural and artificial light. I decided David would be selling the mountains of North Carolina. Everyone needs to take the time to go to the mountains. David, Cindy, Jonathan, and I went to visit Biltmore Estate this weekend, and it was gorgeous there. David makes the perfect mountain man. I shot it with a Nikon D200 and a hand held that Jonathan held for me.


Conversation Hearts

Well, it is back to school for me. New classes, new assignments. Our first assignment for Chuck's Advertising Photography class was to shoot dessert. I shot it once before this shot, and used a fruit tart, but it did not come out how I wanted, so this is a second attempt. I struggle with what to shoot. I feel like I spend so much time thinking of a good setup and composition, that I am not able to spend the time on lighting as I would like. I miss the perks of having a stylist! I shot it using the Phase One digital back on a Hasselblad. I wanted the shot to be more of a close-up on the candy, but I ran into the problem of not having the right lens.


Thank you to my wonderful neighbor Daniel for modeling for me so I could shoot this for James' class. I shot it with my Canon 30D, with my 17-40mm lens. We went to the big construction area outside our apartment complex, and I had him get in a giant concrete sewage connector. The ISO was 100, and my exposure was 1/125 s @ f/4. I might try and redo this shot to get the triangles that were formed by his glasses and the shadows out of the shot.



These are some of the shots I took in my spare time while I was on internship. I took them with my Canon 30d, with my 17-40mm and 70-200mm lenses.



These are more of the photo's Ashley took when I was on internship. It was for Slimfast, and was shot over two days at the Worx Studios in London. I was there for the casting, both days of shooting, and I got to go shopping with Nadine (stylist). I liked being able to participate in the many different aspects of a photo shoot. There was also a make-up artist (Emma). Someone came and videoed parts of the shoot to put on the Slimfast website. It was funny because now that I am back in the United States, I will be watching TV, and see a commercial for Slim Fast come on, and it is the ladies in green and blue, dancing, moving around, and feeling good in their own bodies, and it is exactly the same thing we were shooting in London, just the USA version. Ashley shot this with his new Canon Mark III.