Don't Forget to Floss!

This was a redo for one of my self promos. I shot it with my canon 30d, on my kitchen counter. People should always floss for good dental health.


First Shoot on Internship!

The Final
check out all the models!
To shoot this, Ashley was up on a ladder, on top of a platform that was on wheels...it was awesome!
Richard and I assisting!

the equipment...broncolor! all loaded up in Ashley's car
all of us
test shots haha
everyone again

Ok, so for those of you who don't know, I am interning in London with Ashley Cameron for 8 weeks. I have only been there for around 4 days, but already I have been able to experience his crazy life as a photographer, and it has been great. Saturday, we did a huge shoot for the Sun, a paper here in London. It involved many models in a "party" scene, and included page 3 girls (the bikini girls) It was a crazy experience to be at a shoot like that. I think I acted like a deer in headlights sometimes. There were 6 models there that had been hired from a modeling agency, and many friends came out to get paid to do it, and guess who got put in the crowd as well? The assistants! Thankfully Richard was there assisting with me, because he has experience. In the end, after Ashley and the art director Martin spent all day Sunday (until 4am) editing this ad, it turned out great. It is going to be a 4-page spread, that was sent off to the printers today. Because of the size of the cell phone the party is on, he only used 12 people, so most of us were taken out, but here are some cool shots from the shoot. We rented a studio and lights. Ashley and I shot the papers and cut each of them out on Friday night. It was a huge project, that really only began to happen the day before the shoot. Tomorrow we are doing a shoot on one of England's beaches...it should be fun. Wednesday is a shoot at the National Museum of Natural History. I will update how those shoots went as well.


Myrtle the Turtle

This was done for my final self promo shot of the semester. I brought my pet turtle, Myrtle, into the studio to shoot. He is my buddy, and despite a little skydiving experience he had while I was shooting, he was a good sport. I was only able to get a few shots, because I felt bad after his sky dive.

Self Promo #5

I wanted a fun angle on a frozen drink, so that is why I shot this. Instead of using actual frozen drink mix, I used strawberry applesauce so it would not melt, and it worked. I shot it with my Canon 30D and my 17-40mm lens. My ISO was 100 and I shot it at f/11 @ 1/8 a second.


Bom Chicka Wah Wah

This was our second major project for our digital imaging class. For this, we had to shoot a model with a product on a white background, then go out and shoot two locations, then mask in the model with the product. I chose to use axe as my product, because those commercials sure are true. Griffin was nice enough to be my model, and he did a great job showing the emotion I had in mind. I had fun shooting the locations at the zoo... I love the baboon shot. I shot Griffin with my Canon 30d and 17-40mm lens, and I shot at the zoo with my Canon 30d, 70-200 lens.

This was my setup...the second is a fill card with legs...guess who it is..

Too Many Laurens!!!

This was our first major project for our Digital Imaging class. We could either do a 360 panoramic, a stacked 180, a Frankenstein composite, or a too many twins composite. I chose to have twins. Thank you to Lauren for changing her outfit each time, and playing on the playground for me in the hot sun. She is wearing all my close, including those bunny slippers. Her favorite shot of her would have to be that center one, going down the slide. After many sleepless nights, this is what I have to show. I had trouble blending the mulch, but I think it looks a little better now than it was before. When I had to print this, it ended up being around five feet in length, and 15 inches tall. I had to print it twice, because the printer cut my paper the first time...so as you can see, this assignment caused me a lot of stress, but it is all good in the end.

Pug on a Rug

Jonathan and I shot this for one of the group assignments for James. It was a still life, multiple shot image. We lit the cute little pug for detail, using Jonathan's favorite, the fill card, then lit the spotlight, followed by the tv and then a separate fill card for the handle. I like how it ended up turning out.

This is a blurry version of our setup...oops.


A Photo Kid Day at the Zoo

Ok, so what can I say? I LOVE Meerkats!! So naturally, I spent the most time in the part of the zoo with them! I used my canon 30d to shoot this, with a 70-200 lens.

A few of us spent the day at the zoo shooting for one of our assignments, and David had a little bit of fun on this statue....I found it pretty entertaining....