Tanja Business Portrait

I shot this for Tanja, a girl who lives in the flat above Ashley's studio.  Her boyfriend is Leigh, the guy in the photo on my blog laughing.  She is applying for a job in advertising at a corporate company in London, and wanted a photo for the application that was unique and showed her personality.  It was shot with a Canon Mark 2, with a 24-70 mm lens.


Me by Ashley Cameron

Ok, so Ashley made me model to test out some lighting, and then he fixed it up so I didn't look hideous.  We were testing out lighting styles that I might like to use for when I shot my portrait of Leigh.  We did quite a few different lighting styles and setups, but I personally wanted to experiment with getting a glow around the face for my first portrait.  It is a better technique to use with males, rather than females, because males have stubbly faces already.  It shows all texture on females!  But he was managed to bring out my eyes in it!  This is Ashley's site, in case you were curious about seeing who I am interning for here in London!  He is really good!!  You will enjoy seeing his work!  http://www.ashleycameron.com



This may be the start of a series I try and do of laughing people who seem to be enjoying themselves.  This was also the very first photo I have done with lighting/etc since being on internship that is my photo.  Ashley helped me to accomplish the lighting style I liked, and Leigh was kind enough to model for me.  It was shot using a Canon Mark 2.  Thank you again to Ashley, who taught me some of the ways to make the photo pop more in photoshop.  It took around 4 times redoing the retouching before I was able to make it look like this, and I am excited for everyone to see it!  


London Tree

I went on a fun photo tour of London Last night with Andy, and found this cool tree.  I had him run across to get a cool effect.  I like the eerie green.  Thanks to Ashley for helping me make it look cool with Photoshop!


before....(the original image by Ashley Cameron)
After (adding smoke to the original)
Ashley taught me how to add smoke to an image in Photoshop here, so you will see the before shot, and then you will see the after, in which I added the cigarette smoke!!

Get them on Ebay

As practice for doing cutouts and drop shadows in photoshop, Ashley had me photograph some of the items he is planning to sell on ebay.  Although I found shooting these items booring at first, it was fun learning all sorts of shortcuts and tricks on getting these shadows.  Here are some of them, to be for sale on ebay soon!