UNC Chapel Hill at Night

A bunch of the photo kids took a trip to Chapel Hill last weekend to get some fun night shots. I took my medium format camera as well as my Canon 30d. These are some fun things we did with light painting with digital.


This is the third time I attempted to shoot jewelry for one of our assignments for Chuck. It had to be shot on a large format camera. The first time I did it, it had to be shot with chrome film, which I really messed up on. For this shot, I used a Sinar F-1 4x5 view camera with the Leaf Aptus 22 digital back. My ISO was at 25. I hope I pulled it off this time.


A Rockin Photo Kid Photo Shoot

It's always fun to set up a photo booth at school. I took all these shots of the photo kids when I was shooting Sarah for the Vodka and Caviar ad. It's always great to have people like these as my friends. They are my little school family. They rock! There may be more to come, but these are some of my favorites for now. I shot them with my Canon 30D using my 70-200mm lens.


Vodka and Caviar

So.....everybody take a guess at who this is....I bet you won't get it. It's Sarah Enfiedjian! For those of you who do not know Sarah, you will probably never see her wearing lipstick, big earrings, and nail polish again. Thank you so much for being my model Sarah!

This shot was done for James' class. He had us find a tear sheet of a model advertising a product, and we had to try and recreate it exactly. I chose to do the ad for OPI nail color. The color is called Vodka and Caviar. It is part of their Russian Collection. I shot it using my Canon 30D with my 70-200 mm lens at an ISO of 100. I liked how it turned out, but printing it is another story!


Light Recipes

This week during James' class, we broke into groups and came up with "light recipes." This was my recipe. I shot Julie, and those will be up here soon, but Jessica sat down after and we had some fun, especially when Octavio showed up. These were some of my favorite shots. I used Jessica's Canon 20D to shoot.


Time for a Haircut!

Tara and I took a trip to Great Clips in Asheboro, NC to shoot the salon life. It was an assignment for John. Enjoy it, it has sound and everything!

I shot it using my Canon 30d with my 17-40mm lens and my 70-200mm lens. We used a sound recorder, and edited the slide show using Audacity and Soundslides.


Shooting with Film again at Biltmore

I wanted to shoot film again, so on our trip to Biltmore last weekend, I took my Nikon F100 and a roll of Fuji 200 film. Here are some of the shots I like. I went with Jonathan, David, and David's girlfriend, Cindy. We had a lot of fun!! It is all natural light, so yea...

The Outdoor Enthusiast

Here are some of the shots I had to do for our joint project with the Graphic Design Students. My partner, Will, wanted to do advertising for R.E.I. gift cards. The campaign is Outdoor Enthusiast. We wanted to show different aspects of what REI sells. Pet gear is one thing that a lot of people may not be aware of REI selling. I like doing shots of pets, so I was excited about that part. I am still in the process of editing these shots, it was hard to do location shots in the middle of the winter where the weather isn't so great! I shot with my Canon 30d, using both the 17-40mm lens, and the 24-105 mm lens. Thank you Jackie for bringing pixel to Deep River to be the star of the show!